Vision & Mission

To establish as a leading and reliable valve house having the complete valve solutions across various international & national market fields like Oil & Gas, Energy Sector, Chemical & Distilleries, Defense, Pulp & Paper Industries, Water distributing network etc.

Company Overview

KS VALVES & PUMPS (INDIA) is a renowned Valve and Valve related system manufacturing company that established in the year 1992. It’s an ISO 14001-2015 certified company having its headquarter in Noida, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA) and manufacturing facilities located at Mumbai  and Ahmedabad (INDIA)

We offer the valve solution in rigorous working condition for customers, especially in atrocious working condition, steam, slurry, carbon lines, chemical, sea water and other corrosive media. KSvalve is specialized also in bespoke Turn-key Valve Packages including HYPN, HVAC System, Fire fighting System production, research and development, sales and services.

Our service areas includes high temperature, high pressure, high alloy and extra cryogenic circumstances in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Power plant, Long distance pipeline, Water treatment and Water utility.

The material of valves includes Titanium alloy, Stainless Steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M), WCB (WC1 to WC9), Nickel base alloy(Hastelloy, Nickel, Inconel, Monel), Zirconium alloys, Nickel aluminum bronze (copper nickel alloy, tin bronze, brass, etc.) and super duplex steel Gr 7A, 904L, 347 and other corrosion resistant and heat resistant alloy.

We manufacture various industrial valves & strainers that can be manual/electric/pneumatic operated for the many application industry as per various international & national standards e.g. AWWA, API, BS, DIN, IS etc.

Main Products:

  • Motorised Gate Valve
  • Motorised Sluice Valve
  • Motorised Knife Gate Valve
  • Motorised High Pressure Ball Valve
  • Motorised Butterfly Valve (Eccentric & Concentric)
  • Motorised Slide Gate Valve
  • Penstock Turbine Inlet Butterfly Valve
  • QC NRV
  • Submerged Valve
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Desuperheating System (PRDSH)


  • Steam Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)
  • Pneumatic Control Valve (Globe, Butterfly, Ball & Knife Gate type)
  • Common Valve (Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug & Butterfly Valve)
  • Special Valve (Top entry Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Conduit Gate Valve, Pressure Seal Globe Valve)
  • Water Line Valve
  • Triple Offset & Double Offset Butterfly Valve
  • Extended stem Valve (Gate & Butterfly type)
  • Industrial Strainer (T, Y, Duplex & Basket type)
  • Packaged Systems (HYPN, HVAC, Fire Fighting System)

At KSvalve, we strive to provide with high-quality, specialty valves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whatever it is you are looking for, KSvalve will help you to find the appropriate product in the suitable application.