Strainer is the medium of pipe system of a device, usually installed in a reducing valve, relief valve and the inlet water valve or other equipment, used to remove the medium quality, in order to protect the valve and the equipment of normal use. Filter has the advanced structure, small resistance and easy drainage, etc.

Design Feature:
  • Full bore
  • Bolted cover
  • Compact design
  • High filtration accuracy
  • Faster filter speed
  • Adjustable
  • Online repair
  • Design: ASME B16.34
  • Face to face: ASME B16.10
  • End connection: ASME: B16.5
  • Test: API598
  • Size: DN50 – DN900
  • Pressure Class: 150Lb to 600Lb
  • Connection: flange/butt weld
  • Temperature: -46°C to +550°C
  • Application: water / pipeline system/ Steam condensate/ Oil
  • Body: Carbon steel(WCB,LCB)/ Stainless steel(CF8,CF8M)/ INCONEL/DUPLEX Steel/ CI
  • Strainer: SS304 / SS316 / INCONEL
  • Gasket: SS Spiral wound
Y strainer
Basket strainer
Duplex strainer
T strainer
Y strainer Basket strainer Duplex strainer T strainer