Types of Systems: Constant Speed System – FX :Tank Filling Water Transfer, Residential housing, Small size commercial – Residential buildings […]

KS VALVES & PUMPS has been supplying Fire Protection Packages for many years. The most important aspect of Fire Protection […]

Feature Offerings: Primary and Condenser Pump Sets Secondary Variable Speed Pumping System Tertiary Variable Speed Pumping System Primary Variable Flow […]

A Duplex Basket strainer with three way ball valves is a member of the double basket strainers family. Like all […]

Basket type filter (Basket type filter), is mainly composed of over charge, filter blue, flange, flange cover and fasteners and […]

Strainer is the medium of pipe system of a device, usually installed in a reducing valve, relief valve and the […]

Sluice valve mainly used in water application in general all industrial units as well as in city water distributing lines. […]

It will make the valve has a nonstop fixing surface on the circle and make the valve didn’t touch the […]

Balancing valves are commonly used in HVAC systems, other process lines wherever pr. Balance problems exists. Appropriate material selection, strict […]

The combination of evolving technology and changing market influences presents the unique opportunity once again for KS VALVE to be […]